Our team brings together senior experience from leading technology, banking, insurance, and

venture capital firms such as Google and Brown Brothers Harriman. We’re eight professionals including statisticians,

  structure finance experts, CPAs, insurance and risk management specialists, and software engineers.

Xin Qiu :: Senior Analyst

Since joining Arcadia in February 2016, Xin has employed progressive and sophisticated data analytics in carrying out research in the areas of cash flow prediction, emerging platform evaluation, loan selection criteria back testing and assorted risk metrics. Xin also supports the firm’s efforts in performing predictive analysis and building data visualization and reporting tools.


Prior roles include:


  • MIT’s Center for Computational Engineering


  • Focused on computational data analysis, machine learning, numerical simulation and optimization methods


  • Employed advanced data mining techniques to assess the link between macroeconomic factors and the Chinese stock market


  • Research assistant in data visualization: developed a web-based visualization tool for spatio-temporal data


  • Developed and taught several courses at MIT in uncertainties, probability, statistics and data analysis


Xin received an M.S. in Computation for Design & Optimization from MIT and a BEng, MEng Civil Engineering from Imperial College London.  He is currently a candidate for Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level III and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Level II.


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